Discover the authentic Paris

The 14th district is particularly attractive due to the quality of life it offers, its many shops, its green spaces and its atypical architecture.
It is one of the main spots for artists, painters and sculptors, as well as poets and writers. It is therefore not surprising to find many artists’ studios nestled in the high floors or in the individual houses that border the many flowery streets of the district.

While walking around the neighborhood, you’ll discover the authentic and relaxing charm of Parc Montsouris and the cobbled and flowery alleys that border it to the west.

The Cité Universitaire was the most excessive, ambitious and unusual realization of the district when created at the beginning of the 20th century. It accommodates about seven thousand students. Many of the pavilions evoke, by their architectural style, the spirit of the represented nations: “the Spanish pavilion is an Escurial in miniature, the Cuban pavilion a neo-Baroque palace, the Chinese pavilion a sort of pagoda, the Greek pavilion an ancient temple…